Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Zazzle Addicts Association

Zazzle addicts are a special breed ... the term zazzle addiction can mean a lot of things .. but if you can tick the box on a few of these then you to could be a zazzle addict ... there is however no known cure .. and I don't advise you seek one out ...

Upon waking you grab a note pad and write down or sketch the idea for a new shirt .. poster .. skateboard etc on to it even before you open both eyes ..

You jump on your computer before breakfast just to see if there is one of those amazing emails telling you you've made a sale... please note however that at that time of day those " your product has been published" can easily be mistaken for " your products have been purchased" emails .. please don't let it get you down ( too much ) ...

You bring your food to the computer just so you can continue creating new and exciting products in between mouthfuls of cereal and the ever cold cup of coffee you forgot about when you got in to a very juicy conversation on the forums ...

Your mind never stops thinking about what you can create next and how you can get those sales up ..

Your social life has changed .. you can't go out anymore because you're attached to the chair in front of your desk ...

You physically have changed .. you now have larger eyes .. so you can view each and every pixel separately ... your back is now sore because you hadn't realized you've been bent over trying desperately to get just the right details in a design ... your legs have lost muscle mass because you finally realized that to save time you can wheel your computer chair in to the bathroom faster then you could originally walk there ( or is that just me? ) ..

You don't eat meals sat at the dining table anymore and your family wonder who that stranger in their house is when you do eat with them ..

You look at every thing and everybody as a design opportunity..

You feel you NEED zazzle just so you can get through the day...

As much as you promise yourself you won't log on to the computer all weekend ..your resolve crumbles around two hours after you wake up on Saturday morning ...

You get withdrawal symptoms if you do manage to stay away for 24 hours ..

You create your best work still in the stuff you slept in ( or naked in some cases )

When you look at the clock time has left you behind and its at least 4 hours later then you thought it was....

You log on to zazzle from work .. one eye on the monitor the other on the door hoping your boss doesn't come in ...

You lose weight because you forget to eat .. or if you do remember it seems like a hassle to go and cook something when you could be zazzling instead ...

You have more conversations with fellow zazzlers on line then you have with people you meet in the " real world "

You share fellow zazzlers joy when they make a sale .. yet you can't face saying congrats to the **Bleep** in your work place who got a promotion or a raise ..ahead of you ...

You can remember fellow zazzlers birthdays and many user names yet you can't remember when your great aunt thingy has a birthday or if she is even still around ...

You have more friends on your facebook who are zazzlers then you do people who you went to school with or worked with ..

You drop zazzle and your store in to a conversation at least once .. even if you were talking about something totally unconnected ...

One of the main signs of zazzle addiction however is writing a blog about zazzle addicts ...

So now you've read the introduction .. let me tell you the purpose of this site ... to introduce you to some of the zazzle addicts and their work .. this is a promotional site for those addicted to zazzle and zazzling .. they are the zazzlers who make zazzle addiction an enjoyable experience for other designers / artists and their customers


  1. DT you Firecrackin hit the nail on the head with this Blog!!

    I'm going to start a Boomin ZAA. Nice job

    Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

  2. Totally agree with Firecrackinmama... you've so hit the nail on the head here! The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was log on to Zazzle! That was at 7:45am. It's now 12:24pm and I still haven't had breakfast yet!!! lol

  3. LOL ... hello fellow addicts .. going to start building this site .. so stay tuned : )

  4. hahaha...
    I usually log in first thing in the morning to check if earnings have changed (since I still don't get Zazzle notifications even after changing settings across every gallery I operate)...
    so I guess I qualify.
    I have a Zazzle notebook for ideas and a "work schedule" lest I forget it is also a "job"

  5. LOL. I can't access Zazzle at work. I wish I could.

  6. Are you sure you didn't write this just about me? This is too funny! I'm thinking about getting one of those little voice recorders, so I can make "notes" of everything that pops into my head when I'm trying to go to sleep. I also have a new sleep disorder... Zazzle Insomnia... I don't think there's a cure :)

  7. This is so funny DT and right on!

  8. I've only been on Zazzle for a few days and I am starting to show many signs of addiction. Does this mean I am hooked and it will get worse!!!

  9. I am officially guilty of every last one of these.. *sigh*

    Although, this proves I am not alone.

    I'm especially guilty of the check for sales before I'm even fully awake.. lol

  10. ROFL ... I just bumped into your post in the zazzle forum and couldn't stop laughing. All I need to do now is to fix that step between my studio area and the bathroom so that I can wheel myself in there :D


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